Primer One Fibonacci Cryptex

P1742851_HALEEMAH BTE ABDUL GHANI.jpg20170417_072405.jpg


this is not what i expect wen entering into SP. Back in ITE, we learn is all the requirement, the law of architecture, the scope and the program in relation to ITE.20170417_121927.jpg

So now that we have ended FOP, we proceed to real poly life.

20170417_112103.jpgAnd its not what i expected. Its all about design and how we generate ideas and design.20170418_155049.jpg

We gather in the ARC Lab in W513 for this briefing. All 5 class come together to participate. And the similar things is deadlines.


They are not as easy as 20170417_163020.jpgITE but more to real worklife. deadlines where dates are so near and having other subjects that needs attention too.

I have no ideabut i just went with the flow 20170417_141437.jpgfollowing instructions given. Mind you Im just going in blindly.20170510_105825 1.jpg


20170510_150452 1.jpg

Also, this period is where we are separated into 20170504_102207.jpg

different groups. In my group

there is 1 other girl and the rest are boys. James, Xavier, Hein Thet, Martin and Yoke Choon.

Yoke Choon or Jack (thats wat he like to be called…blurgg) is a guy who is a baby in a man’s body. So blady talkative and also tongue tied or short tongue. He sounds damn China man….

ok enough of that baffoon. So back to cryptex… 20170515_142846.jpg

I endure and overcome design challenges and also critic session.20170519_130008.jpg20170514_223943.jpg
And at the end of it, i can conclude that Architecture uses up a lot of money.

Using 13 lines, 8 planes and 5 volume (625cm3) we need to come out a model.20170518_115439_001.jpg


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