Leadership Assigned


Last week I gave a big bluff to my class. The bluff was regarding our Cryptex board. I was on morning leave from school to attend a video making in ITE for my upcoming COM- Merit graduation shoot.

When i came back to class, i found that most all of the boards are down on the floor and no one bother to pick up and place it properly.

20170419_131055.jpgLeaders assign in the class are Me, Waseema, Kai, Asher, James K and James L.
None of them did their job. When I ask one person, he said never mind lah just put in on the floor. It will still be down no matter how many times you put up.

20170419_131147.jpgI kept quiet and carried on with the remaining class tutorials. And when time for end day reaches, all of them left.

The ones remains are me, Waseema and Ting Ting. We gather every board and salvage them. Salvage as in removing the backing velcro that is stuck in the front side of the board and removing it slowly as not to spoil the pictures.IMG-20170420-WA0032.jpg

I dont know y i did it but I am being brought up that way. Give help without needed. Initiative.

And all this while I was in a naggy mood.
Both me and Waseema put up some boards with blue tack as i was late for my french class.

So the remaining boards, I placed everything on my table and top with a chair as to make it flat again.

When I sent the text message, saying ” Since there was no one who had the initiative to collect all the drop boards, I tIMG-20170426-WA0010.jpegook the initiative to throw all the boards away. Thank you”

What follow next was exected. The kids got mad coz their money had just being thrown away. Words of sarcasm and threats fly around.
Some use PUN tectonics in this event. there was 1 guy who happen to be in school still at that point in time. He ran all the way from 4 blocks away and 3 floors up.

All this while, the kids kept the vulgarities flying. Even my class assistant was upset with my bluff. he said it was unwise of me.

IMG_1348.JPGthere were 2 souls who know y i did what i did. and they kept everything cool.

They open the minds of their age group thinking.

When the person running reach the classroom, he was shock to find the space empty. Now everyone went into panic mode. and the class kept saying that i have to pay the whole class.

Waseema appeared online and told them abt the situation.

And all this while, i was attending French class and totally ignored my phone.

So after i ended my lesson, i told the class abt the present situation and that 1 blady person who said i need to pay the whole class, he kept quiet and not say a word.

I told the class, that the boards are on my table with a chair on top to make it flat.

and So They LEARN their lessons.


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