Singapore Poly


Well Here I am in this prominent school. The 1st Poly in Singapore. I am here continuing my education in Architecture.

I am here with my bro who is in the Engineering School. Now we are having our FOP. Its like a bonding session among classmates and getting to know 1 another.

Its for 1 week and we start with Primer 1(i have no idea wat this is!!!)IMG_20170411_094115_980.jpg
I am in Darch Class 02 and we have a buddy class with Class 01.

Best of all, I am here not alone. 3 of my ITE schoolmates are my classmates. Irfan, Xiu Hui and JavieIMG-20170413-WA0012.jpgr. So I am not alone.

Again, im the oldest amongst my classmates. there are 2 ORD NS men in the Class, Kai Zheng and Yoke Choon.

I always call Kai by another person’s name who happen to be a girl and she is called Kai Xuan.hahahahhah
Oh she is also an SP Student doing Landscape Architecture. Yoke Choon sho happen to short tongue sounds like a CHINA guy. and he is soooo full of himself.

in class also we do have foreign student, from Malaysia, Myammnar and PIMG-20170421-WA0018.jpghilippines. All in all, we bonded as a class.


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