Singapore Modest Fashion Week 2017

IMG_20170415_192006_343.jpgThis is the first time I attended a fashion show durinIMG_20170415_191253_166.jpgg fashion week. This is the 1st ever modest fashion show collaborating with designers on SEA for the upcoming Eid Celebration. Yes I know its kinda late to post things up but I am having tons of school loads and Im actually squeezing time in to input these details.

Brands from Malaysia and Singapore can together under the wings of Rosevalley and proud main sponsor Pearlista and a few others.

But 1 thing that came to my mind is that there is no clothing brand that is meant for plus size girls like me. All of the models walk as tho they are in 20170415_164855.jpgpain and uncomfortable to walk. Some slouch and some dont smile. As thou i IMG_20170415_191758_382.jpgowe them money. And they are stick thin.

But no matter what i like the design and this event. I get to meet with well-known blogger and interact with them on how they keep their blogs alive(not like me!!!)
Bloggers from local and global come together in the name of modest fashion.
20170415_161854.jpg3 days of non stop action, show after shows and also the media20170415_154658.jpg frenzy.

It was also nice to meet up with my make-up Guru Kak Tina from Pip Emerald boutique…….. heehheheh

I wish all the designers success all year round



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