life in poly

Here I am in Singapore Polytechnic doing Diploma in Architecture. School of 20170502_150139.jpgArchitecture and Build Environment.

This is already the 3rd week and it is still challenging. From doing 20170502_150029.jpgPrimer to attending lectures.

In ITE, we learn a different set of knowledge. Now in SP, we have to keep what we learn and absorb new knowledge. Elements such as ideas and design.

I also have different kind of classmates and teachers. Classmates comprises of ORD personnel and secondary school. Also a mixture of nationality. Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Philippines and Burmese

I am happy that I have a few of my classmates from ITE in class with me.
And apart from them, i did have new friends too. Like 20170428_164644.jpgSasha, Kai Zheng.

IMG-20170426-WA0010.jpegAs we combined class, total students that we have is 45. The biggest class out of 2 classes in Architecture School.

I am honoured to be pick as a class President.

Being a matured student, i am being call, big sister, aunty, mummy and nurse…. hahahaha

Apart from lesson, i did learn new skill – Inline SkatingIMG-20170427-WA0007.jpeg

so yeah… more to come.



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