My Birthday

I had my birthday treat 1 day before with friends and 2 days after with my family…
I went out with Noorhasana, Uncle Meerasha and Uncle Mahmood.IMG_20170111_230852_630.jpg

We had a simple dinner to which i was late. The whole incident went like this

I called Kak Hasana to say that i left the house and confirm venue. So she said and confirmed. And so i tot i have arrive at the venue… and boy was i wrong. i tried to recall of the venue between Tiong Bahru and Toa Payoh…. I called her again and she laugh with me… So she reconfirm again and i manage to be there with the least MRT train transfer points. 3 stops altogether…..

IMG_20170111_230547_374.jpgOnce reach at destination, she gave me money for me to buy my own meal….hahahahah
We were talking and giggling abt work, life and school…..
even talk abt who annoyed who and whose drama was bigger…..

At 10.30 pm we were happily chatting until Kak Hasana ask Uncle Meera if he is not working tomorrow… and his usual tempo- ” Yea lah tmr working… I already took MC – lazy go work”


After boarding the train, there was a malfunction in the door system – it wont close…..
So as not to make my mum worried of me being home late, i text her and sent her a message.
After 10 mins, only then everything went back normal but moved at a slow speed (but faster than my brisk walk)

Door did not close…..

Reach home, bathe and open my present……  A set of Stationery and Abaya from Colour Blast Boutique. At the end of the day it was a plesant day……

a Stationary set and Abaya



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