Internship Week


I had the opportunity to be attaced to a government body in the architechural field. I was attached to Surbana Jurong located in Bukit Merah.

It was for 8 weeks from 27 September to 21 November 2016. I am attached to UD Studio 2 in level 21.

I learn quiet a lot outside classroom. And both my mentor and supervisor are very supportive and let me learn. In the first week, I was task to change colour layering. And also to do printing from program drawing to PDF drawing. And its to be sent out for A1 printing.

Stationary pack










My Desk for the next 8 weeks…..


My Own Cupboard


In between I get to know few colleagues. Abg Said, Abg Razi and Wahidah who is know as Wit.

img-20160927-wa0003I am also taught of the Corenet System on how to do an e-submission.

Here I am with my neighbour who is also my classmate, Gong Ya Jie.IMG-20160927-WA0014.jpeg

Between us, sometimes we are given the same project with different development to it or a totally different project within same precinct.

There were never a time that we a not loaded with jobs. Everyday is a continuation of yesterday.  With our teacher who always emphasize on time planning and proper management, I did a good job at that.

But sometimes technology fails on us. And it me a few times. My computer crashed. My AutoCad crash and wouldn’t reboot. And there was once where my license did not capture. Alamak… I tell you… I panic coz submission time is nearing and I on the last details before printing it out…


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