NUS Indoor archery Competition verses ITESC Competition.

For me the difference between NUS and ITESC was experience.

I entered NUS with little knowledge of the game plan. This time round new young archers are entering and I make sure they did not what I did during NUS – cry.

Without prompt three girls became my responsibility.
I was there with them all the way giving motivation to perk their self-esteem up and giving small instructions.

They were despair that they did not get team knockout challenge, although 2 did get to individual knockout.

Nonetheless, I assure them that even when they are not in the challenge, this is the best time to learn the step and absorb what they see and hear and learn from the mistakes done by other archers.

As for me, it was a different challenge with different setup. Where the wind, rain and hot sun is either your friend or your foe.

What happened during NUS was a learning kerb and this round I’m fully aware of what’s happening.
Shoot with a clear mind and happy heart. All my arrows landed on target paper and none miss.

And to have my mentor giving support and words of wisdom

And who would have known that I top the standard 30 meter woman individual and bring 1 gold medal for school.

Well I have to check that box under accomplishment.

Next on the list is to be the president of Archery Club.

Thank You Mr Sam.

PS: Coach Michelle thought I am one of the coaching staff and a teacher helping you in this archery CCA.


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