Fetching Mr Muhammad ‘Atif Syukri

From Fernvale to Rivervale by bus… None other than Obèk Haleemah.
Usually I will be “attached to obek chest” but she decided I am big enough to explore and hence i have my own seat….
With other babies on board, i somehow got their attention…..

Hey Bus Conductor…. im still small okk….. no need payment….
Hello… Saya belum mandi tau…. I haven’t bathe you know….

IMG_20150612_151837 IMG_20150612_172319 IMG_20150612_153632 IMG-20150612-WA0015



 I want to help in the kitchen too…. But obèk block the way……
IMG-20150612-WA0017 IMG-20150612-WA0020 IMG-20150612-WA0019 IMG-20150612-WA0018
My Lunch before going back to Fernvale

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