Fat girl stereotypes I’m sick of dealing with


Badass Mother Feminist

I am a fat girl. I have been a fat girl literally since I was born. I think there is an insane amount of prejudice towards fat people, but even more so fat girls. For some reason, the majority of people think it’s totally acceptable to voice their opinion on someone else’s body. So let’s discuss some of the stereotypes of fat girls, shall we? (specifically girls, because I still haven’t grown a penis.)

1: fat girls have low self esteem.

A fat girl couldn’t POSSIBLY like- let alone love- her body. She just puts on a facade for others. So because I wear bigger jeans than you, I should feel shitty about myself? Interesting how that works. Contrary to popular belief, not all fat girls are down about how they look. I’ve actually been told before that I have “a pretty face” and “if you would lose a couple…

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