But I AM TRYING!!!!!

I am a proud girl.
I am a weekend Muslim girl.
Why? Cause I go for religious classes only on Sundays
I am Ego. Why?
I give out instructions. I want others to hear me and adhere to my say. But I failed to listen to them when it is due.
I want others to listen to me but not to them. It’s a one way communication
My weakness in me as a contribution factor to my family is my incorrigible acts of nuisance.

Growing up in a family stricken with the teaching of Islam, and your father as a prominent figure,
it’s not easy. I am always in the shadows of my dad. Everyone knows me. Everyone acknowledge me. And I can’t do mistakes. Well I am not God. I do have my flaws and I am working on making them right.
Yes, It is easier said than done but I AM TRYING….

People will tell to my father that I am being a fierce girl or even blame him for bringing me up as a fierce lady in life and that nobody wants me. Or I will not have a partner since I am already 31. Well I don’t even care about that. I don’t see marriage anytime soon.
I am happy with what I have and if I want something I have to achieve it on my own. For I hold my own head high. I don’t hold anybody blame if I did not succeed.


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