On the other end of Insurance form…..

There are so many types of insurance -: health and benefits, marine life, gold, assets, life, big expenses.

Being on the other end of an insurance form is really an eye opener. Previously, working in a big institute in dental nursing line, patients always come back to us for dr’s credential stamps and the organization stamp for acknowledgment in their insurance form. Neither have I ever filled an insurance form.

And I know why.  When patients do get insurance they do pay a certain amount of premium. The higher the premium, the better the coverage. The minimum that I have been keying is S1500. And the maximum is limitless.

When they send in their medical declaration, some do send in together with x-rays and hospital report. And not only that, they do have an underwriting of how much each patients  are eligible and the amount for which they are given as per their health issues.  Health knows no money contribution. Some of this underwriting is hard to predict and determined the stress of it. Dealing with dental issue, this MNC do give coverage from wisdom tooth surgery to oral prosthetics e.g. denture.

Facial prosthetics are also been giving the assurance that it’s been covered.

Even gold is being insured. And you have to check every now and then. The price can fluctuate very fast and can remain as the previous hour. The gold bar or anything with gold is 1 price. To get it insured is another price altogether. Over the phone here in this office, sometimes people or mostly clients will call randomly to ask what the standing point of gold is today and the broker will have in the hand the latest if not check over the net on the price point of each individual types of gold and advised promptly. I have ever been asked on how much we should buy today. And I randomly voice out 100kg…. the broker personnel mentioned over the phone to buy 150kg… WOMG…. That’s crazy….

That’s it for today. We’ll chat soon.


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