Love……. Only time will grant me….


If you have read my previous post ( like there are people reading my post!!!hahaha) I told the world that I am applying to go back to school of design doing Architectural. Yes I am an old bloc 31 yrs of age and i am pursuing school again.

My brothers are not kinda in to the school thing. They say I should be looking for a good man to settle down and enjoy life as a couple. And then I wont be a lonely spinster.

And if people were to ask what about marriage and getting someone special…. I don’t see marriage any time soon. So just be it….

Been broken so many times and yes I’m picky. Of course. Why should I settle for less?  I don’t want any tom dick or harry to be my spouse and wreck my life up. I need someone who can be my right or left side. To be my pillar of strength.  To be there at any course for I know I will do the same for that same person.

But till then, I’m up for school

I am waiting for 3rd week in the December to enrol into ITE West College. As of now, I’m dealing with insurance…..



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