After 5 months…..

Click clack click clack

The sound of shoes marching along the underpass to board the trains in the early morning. This is the routine that I adapt since last Tuesday. My job title now is Temp-Admin data entry. This new company that I am now working is an MNC insurance company.

I am still practicing my nursing as not to lose touch and still get equipped with the latest innovations in the dental world. Right now, I am working part time in a neighbourhood dental clinic located in Woodlands. And the department that I am assisting is Orthodontics or braces (if u don’t know) which I love….. And it’s less messy compared to other departments like general dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics etc… I am working with an orthodontist who is right now expecting her 1st son and she is 5 months in her pregnancy.

This job will be for 3 month after which I am going back to school do to Nitec and higher Nitec in Architectural. This course is one of my favourite that I want to accomplish for a very long time. I did accomplish Media studies in Management Development Institute of Technology located in Queenstown. I graduated with Diploma and Advance Diploma in Mass Communication.

Why Media? Cause I want to know what goes into the making of newscasters and film production. After going thru the introductory course, there is more than I anticipated. Marketing, advertising and book production comes into this course. Even photography… the composition of the picture and why this scenario is pick.


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