Matters of Trust

Hello there

Its been sometimes since I blog anything.Dealing with depression of not working is one thingBut not having the trust of family, that’s another scope.

Going for interviews….

They ask a lot of questions and yes we do sell ourselves to these companies in order to secure a job. But to tell me to wait for the call in 1 to 2 weeks time is just absurb…

If I’m not for the job just tell me to the face directly…..

And recruitment agencies….blurgh….they never come back….. just empty promises

I think I might just go back to school and do what I like instead of what other people wants me to do…

My NTC2 certificate is just collecting dust and bring me to nowhere.

But for dental nursing cert, I’m proud to say I did exhaust it.

I have seen doctors who squeeze every penny from patients as well as twisting words to benefits their pockets. And to magnificent nurses that I call them sisters



They think so lowly of me. As thou I am incompetent.

Sometimes I wonder why do I even bother or care.

Don’t want to risk of not going into fits again…. whose fault is it in not training earlier…

And for them to tell me to FUCK OFF…. That just shows whose lower…..


Rite now I’m staying with grams….. where I feel appreciated and well loved….


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