I would like to congratulate Md Soadiq and wife Zulaishah on the birth of your son  Md. ‘Atif Shukri.

And getting a new home.

Now enter a new phase Which is parenthood.

To my brother Md Soadiq, now you are a daddy.

Be a good dad. Follow the example of the role of Prophet.

Do not be lazy. Control your emotions.

And continue to work diligently to excellent education.

My sister-in-law, Zulaishah, now you are  a mother.

Be an exemplary mother, lovingly, arranging a harmonious family .

After last week’s negligence, please let it be a lesson. Never in our family, a child which is still in the early days fell from the lap of mother.

From now on, do not be angry when anyone advise – it does not need to follow in rank or status.

We provide a nutritious diet, good for parents and good for baby. We do not give poison.

When you make a mistake, learn from mistakes and do not block others.

When we commented, it means we take care and have a sense of pity.


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