hijab on the outside or hijab on the inside

How come u you are not like the other girls. They also wear Hijab you know!

it no use to wear a headscarf but you are gossiping about people. Belittling people, oppressing others, judging to the smallest scale

what we ladies wear on the outside – meaning on our head is call scarf. it can be removed.

woman of good bearing wear their hijab on the inside. this HIJAB cannot be removed.


Twice i have been ask by the employer that I have to removed my scarf during work, my answer is

1) “Give me the job and i will remove my scarf”.

2) i removed my scarf on the spot and ask ” When can I start?”


Employers got a shock and ask, dont i feel guilty about removing it.

My reply is “I’m here to look for halal job and this is an halal job. im getting halal paycheck. About feeling guilty, NAh!, I can don it back before going home later… no pressure. What you and I  cannot make me removed is the hijab or veil which is inside of me. My Iman, My Wijdan…..


its the same statement, Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.


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