Hijab Is Not for Me

test test test and patience… endurance


People have different reactions towards the natural oddness of my case: a Muslim convert from Mexico who has been travelling the world on her own at 19. I should have foreseen, however, that Israeli officials’ in the border would be hostility.

Everything went quite smooth when exiting Jordan, even when we got to the Israeli border, the line was moving fast and steady, there was nothing unusual. Then, when my friend had turned in her passport for a quick revision and lined up for security control, I approached the counter and slid my Mexican passport below the window. The officer, a naïve girl whose task was only to verify the person handing the passport was the same as the one in the picture, quickly schemed through my passport, without even looking at me. Then, when she had to verify my identity and compare the picture of a hijabless, ordinary western…

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