Rihanna’s Mosque Photo shoot- Any Publicity is ‘Good’ publicity

At least she has the decency to cover up…..


5pillarzBy Majed Iqbal- It seems pop stars don’t get enough of drawing attention to themselves nowadays and there also seems to be a winning formula for doing this! It’s not rocket science to tell you the truth. All they have to do is to do the most ridiculous thing they can think of!

I am in no way a Celebrity Guru, and neither would it be correct for me to be one from the Islamic point of view (you  know what im sayin!), But there are certain things that you simply cannot avoid as they’re so ‘in your face’ all the time.

Yesterday, R&B ‘Star’ Rihanna, known more for revealing herself through her lack of clothing decided to ‘clothe’ herself in a Hijab and pose outside a Mosque in Abu Dhabi for a photo shoot.  So whats the issue one asks? I’m sure ‘stars’ are given a session on cultural…

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