Rethinking modesty?

A thought to ponder……

Ethos International

379dcd70392e11e3b0ce22000a1fa90f_8Modesty is not cool. Or at least that seems to be the common frame of thought in recent years (about the past 40). But a slew of “hijabi bloggers” and a select others seems to be questioning this concept -well that’s not exactly true. The aim may not be to purposefully make modesty cool but to do what has always been considered cool, going against the grain. Women who are fully covered are odd. They are assumed to be oppressed (“Men must be forcing them!”), deformed (“They must have some kind of scar to not ever show their legs!”) or lacking self esteem (“Poor girl doesn’t think she’s attractive”). But a careful glance in to the world of style bloggers seems to suggest otherwise.

Women fully clothes and amazingly stylish. Bright bold colors, classic retro style and turbans. Though it’s refreshing and appealing to see so many women covered and…

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    Alhumduillah, thanks for reblogging ;)!


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